Student Models, Loyola Academy Architecture Class

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright, presentation model, John Ruffolo
Facade model/building detail model of Parthenon by Ictinos and Callicrates; built by Nick Hanrahan.
Guggenheim Museum, New York by Frank Lloyd Wright, Diagram model
Usonian Home by Frank Lloyd Wright (Michael Marx, modeler)
Hall church section model (unknown architect) Michael Marx, modeler
Deconstructivist model, Tom Do
Post-Modern building, massing model; Nick Hanrahan
two-story cruck house, framing model
Frank Lloyd Wright tower, presentation model; Stephen Christ
Gothic cathedral , Alex Zondlo, facade model
Dream House, interior and presentation model
Greek stoa, section model
Doric Order temple, facade model
Robie House, presentation model, Cici Centioli
Dream House, Cici Centioli
Dream House, model with site contour, Cici Centioli
Gothic residence, presentation model, Cici Centioli
Geodesic stadium, presentation model
Loyola Academy massing model, built by members of AIAS Loyola Academy and given to VOA Associates to study the site
Fine Arts addition to Loyola Academy, Mike Heideman
One of the most sophisticated Dream House models in Loyola Academy history
Mark Acciari's Mediterranean Dream House
Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago; Jimmy De Leo
Philip Rdzanek; presentation model
A remarkable model in that the columns were sanded down to their proper entasis.
Simple in concept and execution but meticulous, nonetheless. A Romanesque basilica facade model.
Massing model of Integrated Resort by Moshe Safdie in Singapore; Connor Collins
Theater of Marcellus, Solid/Void model
San Vitale Church in Ravenna, Italy; section model
Byzantine church
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago; facade model, Nicole Eder
Unity Temple, Massing model, Anastasia Madimenos
Two bridges each making use of octet systems; Stephen Christ
Classical model, Cici Centioli
A Solid/Void model of a Mies van der Rohe office tower.
Frank Lloyd Wright residence by Chris Cichon
John Plunkett's interpretation of a Gothic residence.
Mike Lama's interpretation of Chicago School office interior.
Mike Marx prepares his Usonian home drawing.
Scott Yu's monumental effort, Hagia Sophia, a half-section model built before he underwent eye surgery. Simply remarkable!
Mies' Crown Hall by Mike Lama
Mike Lama's interpretation of Philip's Wax Molding Factory.
John Hancock Center in Chicago; Ryne San Hamel