Student Dream Houses

The conclusion to each Architecture 1 course is the highly anticipated Dream House project. The capstone project combines the student's concept developments and model-making skills. This is truly a "final exam" in that all of the student's skills are called into action in one model.

Ji Eun Lee's evocative model of traditional Korea: her hanoak-style house from the Chosun Dynasty.
Ji Eun Lee's masterful interpretation of the hanoak-style house in Korea "with the mountains behind it and the river in front of it."
Adam Strobel Dream house in a Site Contour model
Mark Acciari Organic House
Matt Torres, site contour model
Dream House, Adam Strobel, castle in the style of King Ludwig of Bavaria
Interior model, Dream House #2, Cici Centioli
Solid/Void Model, site contour
Presentation model, Devin Miller
One of our first digitally-photographed Dream Houses. The Architecture course began in 1995.
Carpenter Gothic residence